Windshield Repair

At Auto Glass Woodbridge, we’re the windshield specialists and we know that you just cannot take your vehicle glasses for granted!

Windshield Repair at Auto Glass Woodbridge

At Auto Glass Canada Woodbridge, we do not think of replacements as the first option. A repair is considered the far better alternative, as it saves time, money and keeps the original seal of the windscreen intact as the glass is never removed.

A repair should always be carried out sooner rather than later, as if left untended to a crack can deepen, causing irreparable damage to the windscreen and making replacement the only safe option.

Repairs however come with their own limitations. Car glass repair is possible only under some circumstances. In case of severe damage to the windscreen, replacements are the only safe option. At Auto Glass Canada Woodbridge, our technicians are proficient in windscreen repairs as well as replacements, and can carry out the required fixes with competence and professional expertise.


While a crack in your windshield glass can be fixed through a simple windshield crack repair process, the rest of the glasses on your vehicle cannot be so easily repaired. These glasses are tempered and not laminated- meaning, they are created using a special heat process that adds to their strength, but does not prevent them from breaking. Even a small chip or crack will necessitate a total auto glass replacement for these glasses.

This, however, need not take time when it is carried out by expert technicians- and we will make sure that you get a very affordable price, too. So now you need no longer postpone getting your auto glass replacements done. Prudent and timely repairs will ensure your safety. Driving around with broken windows can be really hard, especially in the rainy season or in cold weather.

When you come to Auto Glass Woodbridge, you are assured of service that is speedy and thoroughly professional. Never postpone having your glasses looked at by a professional, as it could make all the difference to your driving safety! Call the experts at Auto Glass Woodbridge today.

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